Bio-Energetics, Adrenal & Gut Health Protocol:

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You deserve personalized, individual attention with a coach that guides and teaches you how reclaim your health.

Your body is exhausted and you feel like you can’t eat anything to give you any energy because it only causes gas & bloating.

Nothing feels normal anymore and you just want your body back. Maybe you’ve gained weight and can’t seem to find it within yourself to exercise. Even a walk seems to demanding for your energy state. You fall in bed at night exhausted, only to find yourself waking in the middle of the night, counting all your to-dos for tomorrow. Your doctor tells you all your blood work is normal and you just need to lose some weight. But that seems like a tall order with no answers as to how you get there.

• Does every day seem like a new battle with the bulge?
• Does every meal seem to add to the days stress level?
• Are your symptoms stealing your energy for everyday living?
• You want answers, and a meal without consequences.

Imagine having the energy, information and an individualized program to reclaim your health, energy and vitality.

The Bio-Energetics, Adrenal & GI Re-set Protocol takes the Bio-energetics & Adrenal Protocol one step further by taking a direct look at your gut function.

– Increased energy
– Weight loss
– Better sleep
– Improved mental clarity
– Improved digestion
– Reduction in bloating & constipation
– Decreased headaches
– Decreased joint pain
• The NES Bio-energetic screening to determine where your energy fields have been distorted and infoceutical recommendations;
• The DUTCH Complete Adrenal/Hormone panel which screens for adrenal function, circadian Rhythm, and steroidal hormone balance;
• MRT Food Sensitivity Testing which tests over 170 foods, chemicals and flavor enhancers to determine food sensitivities that may be creating inflammation and inability to heal;
• GI Mapping which looks for parasites, unwanted bacteria, autoimmune triggers and inflammation in the gut;
• Organic Acids test which looks at the body’s cellular metabolic processes that may be blocking your energetic pathways;
• 2 hour consultation on the results of the test findings;
• A personalized program and supplementation recommendations based on the feedback from testing performed;
• 6 month direct consultation via the Healthie app;
• Printed materials to support the recommendations;
• One additional re-scan at the 30 day mark.

Change begins now…

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“What if there’s more to the body than we’ve been taught. ”